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So proud of these students.  Here is an example of a nomination.


Recognition Award Nomination

The Board of Education has created a special recognition program honoring two outstanding students from each school building per month. The focus of the program is to recognize students who excel in citizenship, academics, social, civic, volunteer, or other accomplishments within their school and the community.  

At the Board Of Education Meeting, these students who have been nominated by their teachers, receive a recognition bag of nice goodies including a letter from Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association.

Clare, Kindergarten;  Silver Lake Elementary;  Nominated by: Mrs. Watson

Clare is a wonderful student. She has an amazing personality and brings positive energy to the classroom. 

She works hard and always gives her best effort. She is an active learner throughout the day. 

She participates often and expresses her ideas clearly. She makes friends quickly and shows compassion for her peers and others. She follows the classroom rules and is respectful to her teachers. 

She sets a wonderful example of Black Tiger Pride. She is such a joy to have in class.

 The Cuyahoga Falls Fresh Farm 

Cuyahoga Falls High School educators, Steven McIntosh (Interventions Specialist) and Steve Newlon (Social Studies)  started a garden to provide students and teachers with a fresh, new opportunity to meet learning standards and empower students to take ownership of their learning by using the garden as an extension of the classroom.  The Cuyahoga Falls Fresh Farm all started with a grant from the Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association and after receiving a GAR Educator Initiative Grant........

Click to read more about the gardens here Watch a YouTube video here 

CFHS Fresh Farm updates:  2,360 lbs have been donated since May!  Left are members of the football team getting their hands dirty before practice for a great cause. Love to see the teamwork off the field and the desire for Coach Parker to teach the lessons that really matter.

Right is the September 3 first sweet potatoes of the season.


We are very pleased to announce that Mr. Kenneth Pengelly, (class of 1961) has made a generous $10,000.00 donation to the Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation for the purpose of providing a yearly teacher grant. Mr. Pengelly worked closely with the Foundation to ensure that teachers would benefit from his donation. He has requested that the fund be known as the Helen Erf Marshall & Alfred “Al” Marshall Family Fund.

In addition to the donation for teacher grants, Mr. Pengelly is also donating $1000.00 to the Instrumental Music Program in honor of former music teacher Ms. Josephine Long.

Ken attended the public schools in Cuyahoga Falls from second grade through high school. During his time in the district he encountered many dedicated teachers and he remembers his geometry and trigonometry teacher, Helen Erf as an individual who was dedicated to providing a safe, enriching learning environment. His memories of Principal Alfred Marshall are those of a tough but fair administrator who cared about the character and success of students.

Mr. Pengelly went on to graduate from a number of colleges and universities and he pursued a 36-year career in Higher education. His academic success was due in part, to the excellent education he received within the Cuyahoga Falls School System.

We are VERY thankful for this generous donation and we look forward to awarding his first funded grant to a deserving teacher in the spring of 2021.

Please visit this page to learn more about our scholarship program and how to establish one.  

Please visit this page to learn about Teacher Grants 

Scholarships and teacher grants exist through the support of generous donors like Kenneth Pengelly, class of 1961