On May 9, 2023  at a ceremony and reception held  in the school auditorium,  three new  individuals were awarded the Distinguished Alumni and Service Awards.  They were each asked to speak to the graduating seniors who were about to receive scholarships from CFSFAA through the generous donations of alumni and friends of CFHS.  Please read their bios by clicking on their name in the spreadhseet below, and enjoy their inspirational and enjoyable speeches in the video links on their bios.

CFSFAA annually recognizes individuals through the Distinguished Alumni and Distinguished Service Award Programs. These award programs commenced in 1985.  In that time, over 100 graduates of CFHS have been recognized for their significant achievements in their various fields of work and/or volunteerism and other non graduates for their significant contributions to our city. 

As a special tradition, during the annual CFSFAA Recognition Receptions, recipients of the awards or their descendants give speeches describing their life activities and how the Cuyahoga Falls Schools helped to prepare them for their work.

Distinguished Alumni are nominated by friends or classmates.  A selection committee of CFSFAA Trustees reviews the nominations to determine award recipients.

To receive the prestigious Distinguished Alumni award, nominees must:

Distinguished Service Awards 

Distinguished Service Awards are given to teachers, administrators, and citizens who have made significant contributions to the Cuyahoga Falls City Schools, but were not graduates of the school district.

Distinguished Alumni - Click on names with link for details

If the view on your device does not show awards through 2021, click on the document to see the entire list