Teacher Grants

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Teacher grants are awarded annually to cover the costs or defray expenses for programs that enhance student learning in the classroom. Awards are given for innovative, creative & diverse activities.

Areas to be considered for possible funding include, but are not limited to: classroom research, innovative practice, or further study of ideas or programs that highly impact student learning.

Teachers submit grant requests annually for up to $500. A committee of the CFSFAA makes selections in April based on funds available from donors for these awards.

If you would like to support a teacher by making a donation of $500 or more for a unique student experience, please complete the Teacher Grant Donor Form (click on this link)

Teacher Grant Printable Donor Form (click here)


Grant made possible by: The John W. & Dorothy Steinhauer Scholarship/Mini Grant Fund

Project: A Class Set of Ukuleles

Teacher: Kate Krumeig, Lincoln Elementary, Music

The purpose of this project is to introduce ukuleles into the curriculum. Twelve new ukuleles will be purchased. A ukulele is great for elementary school students in that it promotes fine motor ability, has a pleasant sound and produces quick success in accompanying a song with just a few chords. This teacher will begin teaching an instrument as early as the 2nd grade as opposed to the recorder which begins at 4th grade. The ukulele is a growing trend in music education because of its size, timbre and portability; the instrument lends itself to elementary school sized hands and can be easily moved around the classroom It works well as a solo or ensemble instrument.It is a wonderful way to teach musical concepts including pitch, rhythm, harmony, chords, expression and more. In comparison to a recorder, students have more of a desire to pick up the ukulele with its simple, quiet, lovely tones.


Grant made possible by: The John W. & Dorothy Steinhauer Scholarship/Mini Grant Fund

Project: Enlarging the World

Teachers: Christine Teetor, 3rd grade teacher; Wendy Carroll, 5th grade teacher; Tina Lindy, Elementary Librarian, Richardson Elementary

At Richardson, they are implementing a discovery zone that would be used to help expand programming in the library media center be adding hands-on learning experiences to aid in increasing the way that students understand and construct ideas. The programming will encompass all subject areas and grades from K-5. To supplement this experience, this project will add microscopes and prepared slides for third and fifth grades to use to prepare the students for middle school science curriculum. This will involve the students in problem based learning where they will be able to learn and practice collaboration and communication. The students will view slides of various plants and insects through the microscopes. Hands-on learning becomes increasingly valuable with a diverse student population.


Grant made possible by: The Cuyahoga Falls Class of 1958 Professional Grant Fund

Project: Incorporating Literature into Math Class

Teacher: Teresa (Teri) M. Taylor, DeWitt Elementary, 5th Grade

This project will provide additional math materials for cross-curricular teaching similar to what is done in language arts and science/social studies. Books will be purchased for students to have an opportunity to read and write about math in math class. Literature will be introduced with a focus on fractions, decimals, volume and basic operations that are relevant to learning in the 21st century. Math skills learned will relate to real life situations making math relevant for the students., thus enhancing the focus on learning math.


Grant made possible by: The Cuyahoga Falls Class of 1958 Professional Grant Fund

Project: Calming the Waters

Teacher: Tara Bultrowicz, Richardson Elementary, School Psychologist

Each year, more students exhibit anxious behaviors in the school setting. Anxiety impacts all types of learners. Many times student exhibit certain behaviors because they do not have to tools to deal with their feelings. The behaviors can not only impact the individual student, but also the entire class and teachers. This project will allow the psychologist to intervene and teach functional calming strategies and replacement behaviors so students are able to perform at their highest levels academically and socially. Through this project, a program and workbooks will be purchased for each student selected. Also, materials will be purchased for classrooms for the intervention specialist, specialized teacher, counselor and principal. "Sitting Like a Frog" is the name of the program. Visual supports for the building will also be purchased.


Project: Career Education Recognition and Recruitment, IT Academy and Interactive Marketing and Design

Grant made possible by: The Louise Flickinger Kittell Memorial Professional Grant Fund:

Teachers: Brad Ely, and Craig Wargowsky, Cuyahoga Falls High School

The CFHS Career Tech departments would like to continue to increase their presence in the school and community. The department offers a variety of services within the school that benefits the community already. One of their goals is to recruit students as sophomores to participate in the 2-year programs as juniors and seniors. This project will increase the recognition of the programs to create a better awareness of them to the students. There is a sense of pride putting on a uniform to match a class or team. Students instantly know they are there for business. The students are in work programs that are not confined to the classroom. Their ability to promote and be proud of their program will impact their effectiveness in the community and classroom. The students will create their uniforms in their first two weeks of school; the color, design, logo, fabric and style. This promotion will help grow our Career Development program that has a reputation for great success in the Six District Educational Compact and the community.


  • The John W. & Dorothy Steinhauer Scholarship/Mini Grant Fund:

  1. "Artists in Residence for A Cultural Celebration Program" awarded to Jennifer Culver, Instrumental Music Teacher, Cuyahoga Falls High School

  2. "Interpretive Signage for Cuyahoga Falls Fresh Farm" awarded to Steve McIntosh, Intervention Specialist, Cuyahoga Falls High School

  • The Louise Flickinger Kittell Memorial Professional Grant Fund:

  1. "Building Tiny Tiger Phonics Skills", awarded to Ashley Schindler, Cuyahoga Falls High School

  2. "Tiger Time News Longevity and Implementation", awarded to Ashley Schindler, Cuyahoga Falls High School

  • The Cuyahoga Falls Class of 1958 Professional Grant Fund

  1. "Learning with Light", awarded to Tara Gemmell and Robin Worthington, Preston Elementary School

  2. "As the Garden Grows", awarded to Stephanie Petit, Richardson Elementary School