Teacher Grants

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Teacher grants are awarded annually to cover the costs or defray expenses for programs that enhance student learning in the classroom. Awards are given for innovative, creative & diverse activities.

Areas to be considered for possible funding include, but are not limited to: classroom research, innovative practice, or further study of ideas or programs that highly impact student learning.

Teachers submit grant requests annually for up to $500. A committee of the CFSFAA makes selections in April based on funds available from donors for these awards.

If you would like to support a teacher by making a donation of $500 or more for a unique student experience,

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7 Grants Awarded for a Total of $3,500

  • John W. and Dorothy Steinhauer Scholarship/Mini Grant Fund.

Bill Bailey - Cuyahoga Falls City Schools District Food Manager

Title: The Back Tiger Cafe Channel

The Black Tiger Cafe Channel is dedicated to creating nutritional and culinary videos for Black Tiger students, families, staff members and community members. The goal is to promote community wellness with a staple that we cannot do without: food. Promoting healthy eating and healthy lifestyles is a part of learning and helps to contribute to a collective growth.

Culinary videos will be filmed and posted twice each month, with a focus on live demonstrations on how to cook and connect with the curriculum. Planning will take place every other week with teachers, students and families. The process for each show will take approximately two weeks to complete. The goal will be to have a show or video at least twice a month.

  • The Louise Flickinger Kittel Memorial Professional Grant Fund

Jessica Reichley-Silver Lake Elementary - Kindergarten

Title: Hands on Math

Kindergarten students need more help with one-to-one correspondence and understanding math through play based learning that is appropriate. Having center based activities that can be completed either individually or in small groups ( with COVID-19 safety measures) will help with this understanding. This grant will help provide ready to go math centers and manipulatives that are age appropriate. This will help students improve in the area of math understanding as well as with their fine motor skills.

  • The Helen Erf Marshall & Alfred “Al” Marshall Family Fund. (Kenneth Pengelly: donor)

Lauren Bittner-Preston and Silver Lake Elementary- Art

Title: Flex Curriculum-Designed ;by the Art of Education University

To develop methods in incorporating more contemporary art and art history content across all elementary grade level art curriculums (grades K-5), in an engaging way with a more current curriculum tool. The Flex Curriculum tool will be a resource to use in class to engage students in meaningful connections to art history, contemporary art, and their own art making process. The digital curriculum tool will allow access to a variety of resources that can be digitally shared or presented in class. This will include digital and print versions of worksheets, artist biographies, instructional videos that tie directly to National Art Content Standards.

  • Dr. Sandra Fishel Teacher Grant

Steve McIntosh-Cuyahoga Falls High School-intervention Specialist

Title: Intro to Urban Agriculture

To develop and implement a course that will provide students with a basic understanding of urban agriculture through hands-on learning, classroom instruction and off-campus authentic learning experiences. After years of using the CFHS Fresh Farm as an extension of the classroom, it has now developed into a year long course. With the funds provided through this grant, students will be able to construct additional beds that will grow food for both donation (community engagement) as well as for sale at a student-lead market, (entrepreneurial skills.)

Last year, student volunteers grew and harvested almost 3,000 lbs. of food for local food pantries in Cuyahoga Falls.

  • Dr. Sandra Fishel Teacher Grant

Cindy Pribonic-Preston Elementary School- Second Grade

Title: Science Exploration

The goal of the “Science Exploration” is to provide students with hands-on Science activities that meet the state science academic standards. The main focus in 2nd grade is Observations of the Environment by understanding: The Earth and Space Science, Changes in Motion, and Interactions with Habitats. In order to help students understand these topics, it would be beneficial to have models, figures and engaging lab activities. The project will provide at least one model/figure or an engaging lab activity to go along with each science unit and reading materials to reinforce learning activities.