Top Tigers & CFSD News


A Recognition Program supported by CFSFAA  

Monthly, each school nominates their "Top Tigers" for the month, those students who contribute, provide leadership, and are exemplary in their daily lives.  They are recognized at the monthly school board meeting, and receive a gift bag of donations from local businesses and   

Additionally, they gather to celebrate and march in the Memorial Day parade, hosted by the Foundation.   Here are some photos from this year's event.   

 The Cuyahoga Falls Fresh Farm 

Cuyahoga Falls High School educators, Steven McIntosh (Interventions Specialist) and Steve Newlon (Social Studies)  started a garden to provide students and teachers with a fresh, new opportunity to meet learning standards and empower students to take ownership of their learning by using the garden as an extension of the classroom.  The Cuyahoga Falls Fresh Farm all started with a grant from the Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association and after receiving a GAR Educator Initiative Grant........

Click to read more about the gardens here Watch a YouTube video here 

CFHS Fresh Farm updates:  2,360 lbs have been donated since May!  Left are members of the football team getting their hands dirty before practice for a great cause. Love to see the teamwork off the field and the desire for Coach Parker to teach the lessons that really matter.

Right is the September 3 first sweet potatoes of the season.