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Read about the 2020 Top Tiger Awards Here A Program supported by CFSFAA

So Proud of These Students

At a Board Of Education Meeting, these students who have been nominated by their teachers, receive a recognition bag of nice goodies including a letter from Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association

The Cuyahoga Falls Fresh Farm

Cuyahoga Falls High School educators, Steven McIntosh (Interventions Specialist) and Steve Newlon (Social Studies) started a garden to provide students and teachers with a fresh, new opportunity to meet learning standards and empower students to take ownership of their learning by using the garden as an extension of the classroom. The Cuyahoga Falls Fresh Farm all started with a grant from the Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation & Alumni Association and after receiving a GAR Educator Initiative Grant........

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CFHS Fresh Farm updates: 2,360 lbs have been donated since May! Left are members of the football team getting their hands dirty before practice for a great cause. Love to see the teamwork off the field and the desire for Coach Parker to teach the lessons that really matter.

Right is the September 3 first sweet potatoes of the season.

News from Elisabeth McNicholas, President

Greetings! Thank you for visiting our new and improved website. We hope that you will check back often! We are updating our website on a regular basis and this News and Notes section will be updated quarterly. More...........

News from Dr. Todd M. Nichols, Superintendent/CEO

The last three months have certainly been life-changing in so many ways. In March, the educational landscape changed with Governor DeWine’s order to close school buildings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More.............

News from Anthony Gomez, Cuyahoga Falls School Board Member

Wow! 2020 is a year like no other! Education has faced challenges, just like every other section of society. More...

News from Randy Caldwell, Vice President

Thank you for your valued involvement with and donations to the Cuyahoga Falls Foundation and Alumni Association. It was once said that Never does a person stand so tall as when they stoop to help a child.” More........

News from Gary Medkeff, Executive Director

Hello to all Black Tiger Alumni and Friends, The Cuyahoga Falls Schools Foundation and Alumni Association have been very busy the past few months. More...